Cultural Shows & Traditional Performances in Vietnam & Cambodia

Vietnam has long-standing as well as distinctives culture connected with the long-established history of the formation and development of this S-shaped country. Here Viet Dan Travel introduces the list of cultural shows and traditional performances in Vietnam that may arouse your interest to get a glimpse of Vietnam.

Water Puppet Show

Where to Enjoy: Thang Long Water Puppet Theater (293 seats)
Duration: 45 minutes for each show
Address: 57C Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (Opposite Hoan Kiem Lake)
Best suited for: Hanoi Old Quarter Exploring Tour (especially in the evening), Vietnam Classic Tour, Hanoi Day Tour, Northern Vietnam Tour...
Schedule: 5 shows each day (starts from 15.00, 16.10, 17.20, 18.30, 20.00)

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • Always considered the must-see show in Vietnam
  • Spend only about 1 hour enjoying the traditional Vietnam art performance
  • Located at the center of Hanoi Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake, which can be combined with food tour, cyclo tour, sightseeing tour at Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • The theatre is new with large capacity suiting even big group

Highlights of Water Puppet Show

  • The great combination of traditional music, lively lights, folk songs and unique water puppet
  • The traditional stories with climaxes of Vietnam daily life in the past attached to the civilization of wet rice agriculture
  • The myths in Vietnam history related to the 4000 years of history
  • The master of puppet controlling skills from the artists

Water puppetry is a tradition that dated back as far as the 11th century when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta area of Northern Vietnam. When the rice fields would flood, the villagers would entertain each other using this form of puppet play.

The puppets are made out of wood and then lacquered. The shows are performed in a waist-deep pool. A large bamboo rod supports the puppet under the water and is used by the puppeteers, who are normally hidden behind a screen, to control them.

The traditional water puppet show is selected from more than 400 traditional folk water puppet shows. A traditional Vietnamese orchestra provides background music accompaniment. Singers of Cheo (a form of opera) with origin in Northern Vietnam sing the songs which tell the story being acted out by the puppets.

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A wonderful experience and incredible show. We recommend getting the audio translation headset--really helped us to understand what was happening. The only unfortunate bit was the volume of audience members taking photos and video with flash and/or entirely blocking the view of people behind them.

I suspect that they would do this regardless of the rules, but would have appreciated a no flash photo and no video policy. It was hugely disruptive to an experience that would otherwise be quite immersive.

Another thing to note is that there are pyrotechnics early on. These are really great, but if you have breathing difficulty, may be problematic. The smoke hung in the air throughout. That said, incredible performance, great value, essential experience.


I recently had the pleasure of attending a show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre Hanoi and it was an absolute delight! The puppeteers were incredibly skilled, creating an enchanting performance that was both unique and colorful. I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of the puppets, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had! Highly recommended!


We really enjoyed the show at this unique Water Puppet Theatre which is centrally situated near Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The skill of the puppeteers is quite remarkable. If you can afford it go for the most expensive seats at the front for the best view.


This is a CULTURAL experience. There's lot of history to Vietnamese Water Puppets. Definitely pay for the English translation explanation headset of what you're seeing. It helps. For the Internet generation, I don't know if this is entertainment. We enjoyed the show. It's not long, less than an hour. The puppeteers end the show by showing themselves.


Fantastic colourful and very clever show. The stage (water pool) is quite low down so would recommend a seat near the front. The musicians and narrators are set higher up in each wing. The only thing I has an issue with is that (apparently) you are allowed to take photos and video. I had to ask the person in front of me to put her phone down because it was obscuring my view, and looking around the theatre the there were plenty of other phones raised.


We had a wonderful time watching the Thang Long Water Puppet show in Hanoi. It was a captivating performance of traditional legends and historical tales, with colorful puppets, live music and amazing water effects. The puppeteers were very skilled and expressive, and the theater was cozy and comfortable. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to experience a unique and ancient art form of Vietnam.


This is not your typical puppet show. The puppets are controlled by skilled puppeteers who hide behind a bamboo screen and make the puppets dance on the water. The show features colorful scenes from Vietnamese folklore, history and everyday life, accompanied by live music and singing. You'll be amazed by the creativity and craftsmanship of the puppets and the puppeteers. The show is suitable for all ages and lasts about an hour. Don't miss this opportunity to see a traditional art form that has been preserved for centuries.


Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre Hanoi is a unique and enchanting experience. The puppets are colorful, the music is fun, and the stories are captivating. The show is an amazing combination of traditional art and modern technology. The performers are incredibly talented and make the show even more enjoyable. The theatre is beautiful and the atmosphere is truly magical. It's a great way to learn about Vietnamese culture and appreciate the art of water puppetry. Highly recommended!


This is amazing show. Dancing puppets in the water. I think this is only one place in the world you can see. But the ticket is sold-out quickly, espectially Friday - Sunday. It is recommended to book at the earliest at ticket counter in front of the theater.


thay pagoda of quintessessence of tonkin show

The Quintessence of Tonkin Show

Location: Da Phuc Village, Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi (near Thay Pagoda)
Duration: From 19.30 to 20.45
Capacity: 2,200 seats
Distance: 26.3km from Hanoi city center (about 1 hour of transferring)
Best suited for: Hanoi Exploring Tour, Vietnam Classic Tour, Hanoi Day Tour, Northern Vietnam Tour...
Schedule: One show each Saturday

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • Always considered the must-see show in Vietnam
  • Spend a full night enjoying the traditional Vietnam art performance
  • Not far from Hanoi city center and can be combined in Hanoi tours or Vietnam tours

Highlights of Tonkin Show

  • Enjoy the delicate merge of 6 different aspects of the cultural Quintessence of Tonkin: Poetry, Buddhism, Nostalgia, Music & Painting, Joy & Festivities
  • The perfect mix of hundreds of performers, an interactive stage, state-of-the-art technology, and a stunning setting
  • The blend of a mesmerizing set, delightful water puppetry, a stunning light show, an evocative soundtrack and the Thay Mountain into a breathtaking open air spectacle

Quintessence of Tokin, shortly called Tonkin Show, is a must-see cultural spectacle, a truly amazing authentic experience when you visit Hanoi. The show offers you a chance to explore Vietnamese history and culture from a contemporary perspective, with hundreds of performers, an interactive water stage, and state-of-the-art performance technology.

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This is one of the best shows in Vietnam. Highly recommended for everyone (both locals and foreigner tourists) who wanna explore Vietnamese culture.


The experience was great and had a lovely time. Great show which was beautifully orchestrated in-spite of the rains. Well worth a visit.


It is one of the best experience that I have been had in Hanoi. It is monumental and well organized. The actors are all farmers and kids but they did a great job. The music is also adorable.
I highly recommend this show as a MUST for those who visiting Hanoi.


This show was absolutely marvellous. The actors were farm people, both adults and children who came together in the evening after a day's work. The show was incredible with music, and lights all based on a lake. There were structures coming out of the water and scene changes as we went through the story. I cannot enthuse about this show enough. It is a really well worth trip. The down side is that it is a bit of a trek out of town but if you go on the coach this is not a problem.


I and my friend watched the show in a full moon night and it was amazing experience! Highly recommend for any one who want to discover the traditional art of the Tonkin area. The only thing that needs to be improved is the food court in front of the show stage. The menu is quite poor and it costs a lot.


"The Quintessence Of Tonkin" is one of the shows that you should try at least once in your life. The show lasts for 1 hour , but what it leaves behind is precious.
It helps me to understand about the life and culture in the past in a very different way.
I was so impressed with the part about the origin of Water Puppetry and especially the moment that students took part in the most important exam in their life ( I could even feel its pressure LOL )


Wonderful awesome cultural water dance play by the local Vietnamese. Truly amazed by their plays and their performances. Enjoy the view from the platinum seats truly remarkable time


This is a simply incredible show. Music, dancing, lights, stories, in the most amazing setting with really professional stage production. I don't want to be responsible for spoilers, just go, you won't regret it. A very moving and memorable experience.


A Must if visiting Hanoi, if you can take platinium ticket then you have roof and also the best view, the scenary is so beautiful, really recomend this show


Hoi An Memories Show

Location: Hoi An Memories Theater - Hoi An Memories Land - Con Hen (200 Nguyen Tri Phuong turns left)
How to Get There: Transfer by boat - Boat Station: 159 Tran Quang Khai Str., Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City
Capacity: 25,000 square meters outdoor stage
Duration: 1 hour (from 20.00 to 21.00)
Best suited for: Hoi An day tour, Vietnam Classic Tour, Central Vietnam Tour (Danang - Hue - Hoi An)

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • Explore Hoi An Memories Land and Hoi An Impression Themed Park besides Hoi An Memories Show
  • Located close to Hoi An Ancient Town and do not take too much time for transferring
  • Hoi An Memories Show really make audiences "wow" thanks to its monumental scale and elaborate investment.

Highlights of Hoi An Memories Show

  • The Hoi An Memories Show is the centerpiece, featuring more than 500 actors and dancers
  • The 400-year-old history of Hoi An is presented
  • The cultures, tradition, and daily life of local people are reappeared
  • The amazing mix of lights, music, and colorful costumes brings you unforgettable experiences
  • 6 parts of Hoi An Memories Show tell audiences different interesting stories

The show begins in the 16th century. Hoi An is a rural village, represented by a single farmer’s home and his family’s humble life. The city erupts around them, and the show progresses through the centuries from there. We watch Hoi An transform from a country town into a powerful central trading port in the South-east Asia when there were many ships from China, Japan, the UK, the USA… Royalty is crowned and married, foreign merchants arrive to conquer and trade in spice and crafts, lanterns begin to adorn the streets like paper constellations. 

Though the show presents major historical moments, the real magic in its delicate representations of ordinary daily life. Hundreds of actors go about the business of living as it’s been done for hundreds of years. There are no dialogues or scripts. There is no language. The city itself is the main character and the narrator is the thread of time. 

As the lighting shifts and changes to illustrate years and seasons, it is impossible not to realize that each spectator is also a character. This moment is a plot point in the script. Our present tense, utterly inseparable from the memory of its past.

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I have to say I was expecting a bit of a naff show and was a bit sceptical about this. I couldn't have been more wrong. The show (whilst the narrative was a bit twee) was amazing, easily as good as anything you would see at Disney. There must have been a cast of at least 200 people and i have never seen anything like it. Definitely worth a visit


The 1 hour show is stunning and spectacular. beautifully designed. moving content. tightly choreographed and well performed by what seem to be an emormous cast. The park itself was a tad underwhelming - it is no Disney world -, but still worth a visit prior to seeing the main show. Good and affordable dining options. Staff were incredibly attentive, and those who could not speak English were well trained in using translation apps on their devices to assist.


My wife, sister in law and I all really enjoyed this show. Really high concept, very operatic in style and themes. Rather than tell the history of Hoi An it more explained the cultural heritage of the city in a really beautiful and unique way with great performers, music and special effects. The set was incredible and there was so much going on. Well worth a couple of hours in the evening in Hoi An


This show was absolutely marvellous. The actors were farm people, both adults and children who came together in the evening after a day's work. The show was incredible with music, and lights all based on a lake. There were structures coming out of the water and scene changes as we went through the story. I cannot enthuse about this show enough. It is a really well worth trip. The down side is that it is a bit of a trek out of town but if you go on the coach this is not a problem.


A bit slow and confusing at first but it turned out to be really good. I can still remember the song in my head. My favorite part was the 'ladies in Hoi An waiting for their loved ones to come back from the war'.
Those scenes were really intense and full of passion. The music was also moving, I almost cried.
It was just a really fun show, not to be missed when you're in Hoi An.
The set was really beautiful especially under a full moon.


Very impressive, beautiful cultural show. Kudos to all the performers who are very professional throughout the show when the rain was so heavy! They finished through & put up a really good performance.


Outstanding. If you go to Hoi an and don’t go to this show you are crazy. It says it’s a beautiful show, and it delivers… a stage that’s bigger than a football field, the scale of the show is incredible but the detail is amazing.


We were told by some friends in Ho Chi Minh not to miss it, and we totally agree. It is really worth exploring the beautiful park, and the show is beautiful. Don't miss it!


One of the best shows we’ve ever seen. Holds and is better than any of the Circ shows in Vegas. Beautiful music, lighting, and choreography. They have small pre-shows outside the theater so it is good to get there about 45 minutes early. This should be rated much higher on Google and trip advisor


A O Show

Location: Saigon Opear House - 07 Cong Truong Lam Son, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Capacity: 468 seats
Duration: 1 hour (from 18.00 to 19.00)
Best suited for: Ho Chi Minh City Tour, Southern Vietnam Tour, Vietnam Classic Tour

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • It is the must-see show in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Spend only about 1 hour enjoying the traditional Vietnam art performance
  • Located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City which can be combined with food tour, cyclo tour, sightseeing tour in this energetic city.
  • The theatre is new with large capacity suiting even big group

Highlights of A O Show

  • Vietnam Constrasting Portrait: Vietnam's peaceful country life versus the noise and irony of urbanization
  • Vietnamese Bamboo Circus: Combining story-telling circus, unique live music, and creative use of bamboo to form an awe inspiring performance art
  • A Delicate Touch of Humor: Cheeky smiles, amusing creatures' body language. Funny half-village, half-city situation
  • 121-year-old Saigon Opera House: A national relic, Saigon cultural and architectural icon, built by French in 1898

A O Show, one of a must-see shows in Ho Chi Minh City, is a unique merge of bamboo circus, acrobatics acts, contemporary dance, traditional Vietnamese music and theatrical visual art.

The name “A O” derives from “Lang Pho” which means village and city. The show stands out on the contrast between the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside and the nation’s racing urbanization.

This one-hour show is a chance for those who want to transcend time and space for a front-row immersion in the artistic and emotional life of Vietnam.

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Great show, it's not cirque du soleil but they've created a lot of variations using only a few material. Good entertainment and great performers.
The 15min tour of the opera is very quick and there is no aircon at the beginning so prepare to feel very hot.
The theatre itself is well air-coned


Fun, quirky and inspiring show! The performers are incredibly talented doing their acrobatics, but then have great comedic timing, unusual skills, and a quirky sense of humor. The Opera House setting added to the ambiance of the show. I would highly recommend this experience, especially if you have teenage kids who do gymnastics, as they can see other ways of applying their skills.


This absolutely professional production is amazing. Two couples went last night and we are still talking about it. The tour of the opera house is worth the effort as well. So thought provoking as they show the changes in Vietnam over the past hundred years or more. This is one of those life events that stay in your memory for ever.


This was a spectacular show. We opted for the equivalent of a stalls seat, which I booked before we left London. The opera house in Saigon is stunning and there is complimentary tea on arrival and a very punctual start. The show itself was mesmerising with a mixture of music, dance and acrobatics telling a gentle story. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was an early start 6.30 but this allowed us to have dinner afterwards.


We thoroughly enjoyed this show and would recommend this to anyone looking to see something authentic in the theater. The theater itself is very attractive and historic, the show was a great demonstration of athletic prowess and imagination, loved it.


Incredible acrobatics and storytelling. Highly recommend this show if you are in Hoi An! Came with family ages 7-78 and everyone had a great time.


The A O Show at the Saigon Opera House is a stunning celebration of Vietnamese culture. The performers are incredibly talented and the blending of traditional and modern elements is truly captivating. I highly recommend this show - five stars!


Amazing show! We came with family and everyone enjoyed it. It was a unique combination of acrobatics, percussion, storytelling and celebration of indigenous culture.


Excellent evening entertainment at the Saigon Opera House. An amazing acrobatic show with contemporary and modern themes. A must see while in Saigon.


Apsara Dance Show

Location: Grand World Phu Quoc - Bai Dai Beach, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province (near Vinpearl Phu Quoc)
Capacity: The outdoor stage of about 11,200 meters square
Duration: 45 minutes (from 20.30 to 21.15)
Best suited for: Phu Quoc Tour, Phu Quoc Relaxing Tour, Phu Quoc Island Beach Break

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • It is the must-see show in Phu Quoc Island
  • Not only the Quintessence of Vietnam, Grand World is the amazing amusement center which combines a ton of entertainment and outdoor activities
  • The outdoor stage owns large capacity suiting even big groups

Highlights of The Quintessence of Vietnam Show

  • The Quintessence of Vietnam Show is a staged reality show combined with modern projection technology, the largest scale ever.
  • Four chapters tells audiences 4 different interesting stories (The Origin - The Life - Learning Journey - National Festival)
  • The show was created and staged by director Viet Tu, who was dubbed the "stage witch", with an investment budget of up to millions of dollars.
  • The stage reproduces very elaborately the traditional and folk cultural features in the coastal areas of our country such as: fishing village dance, fishing ceremony, Nghinh Ong ceremony, seafaring activities, fishing...
  • The performance using advanced technology has the largest scale in the country.
  • The showtime throughout (2,920 mini shows during the day/year, 365 shows at night/year) is very convenient for visitors to visit and admire.
  • The performance stage area is up to 11,200m2, with a rhythmic combination of more than 200 dancers.
  • The show has high cultural and artistic value, showing the identity and traditional beauty of Vietnam by recreating the bustling and lively old Thang Long scene during the 300-minute performance.
  • Visitors can admire more than 20 architectural works, recreating cultural activities in ancient Vietnamese villages in the most authentic and vivid way.

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I really enjoyed the show and the transport was super convenient. The driver was punctual and easy to communicate. All the instructions that were provided were clear and easy to follow. I'm very satisfied with thev service.


The organisers did a great job! They were in contact with us to set up the pick up details and even upgraded us to private transfer. The ticket was sent electronically and once we arrived at the venue we exchanged it to a paper one. The area where the play is based is huge, really beautifully arranged. We had Premium seats the area is covered and they give you water, sweets and watermelon, but really the better view is with the lower grade tickets are so no need to go for the expensive ones. The play was great!!


Absolutely worth seeing. You will not be disappointed. I would certainly go back to watch. Performances and lighting display world class. Tour guide (Ban?) Was also very professional and friendly. She did a great job. Keep up the wonderful service.


We were so impressed with the energy and spectacle of this event. We had seen a similar performance in China. Both were excellent but my husband and I agreed that this one was by far the more entertaining. The high energy, spectacular lighting and amazing cast made this one of the most memorable performances we have seen anywhere in the world.


Amazing cultural experience would recommend to anyone. The Show is put on by the local people, they really seem to put their love for the people and culture of Vietnam into the performance regardless of how big the crowd is.


An amazing show. We enjoyed every minute of it. The show demonstrates you a lot of vienamese history and art and is absolutely worthwhile.


Apsara Dance Show

Location: Apsara Theater, Wat Bo Road, Street 26, Opposite Angkor Village Hotel, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
Capacity: About 1,000 seats
Duration: 1 hour (from 20.30 to 21.30)
Best suited for: Siem Reap Tour, Angkor Wat Tour, Cambodia Tour, Vietnam & Cambodia Tour
Schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • It is the must-see show in Cambodia
  • Spend 1 hour to get immersed in Cambodia unique cultures
  • It is the wonderful way to end a day when exploring Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
  • The outdoor stage owns large capacity suiting even big groups

Highlights of Apsara Dance Show

On evenings, the Apsara Theatre opens its doors to showcase Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage, our traditional performing arts. Dancers, singers and musicians will perform 3 classical and 2 village dances to the music of the traditional orchestra. The performance will be preceded by a beverage service and an authentic meal.

  • Classical Dances: A highly stylized dance form originating from the royal courts, classical dances feature elaborately costumed dancers performing slow and figurative movements invoking the tales of ancient epic poems.
  • Folk Dances: Village Dances are rooted in Khmer rural folklore, each corresponding to a specific fable, holiday or belief. As these dances have become rare in their village settings, their preservation today is of great importance.
  • The Reamker: The Reamker is a Cambodian epic poem based on the Sanskrit’s Ramayana. The traditional dances derived from it date back to ancient Angkor as extravagant displays of adoration for the gods and Khmer mythology.
  • An assortment of Khmer dishes traditionally served during celebrations.
  • A lighter option, of assorted local hors d’oeuvres. Perfect for a cocktail and a small appetite.
  • This meatless menu does justice to Cambodia’s most beloved vegetarian dishes.

Since 1997, Siem Reap’s oldest Theatre contributes to the revival of Khmer Traditional Dances, and the preservation of Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage.

Built in a traditional semi-colonial style, the Apsara Theatre is imbued with a grandiose energy. From its original wooden exterior to its antique décor and marquee lights; the magic of the old theatre is alive and well.

Madam Net has been training dancers and promoting Khmer performing arts since the 1980s. Today, a troupe of 30 artists perform renditions of the ancient Reamker legends, and folk dances from rural Cambodia.

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We had a lovely evening here, we booked in advance to have the 10 balcony seats, downstairs you have to sit on floor with feet down in a space so no good for oldies.
Upstairs were approx another 16 seats besides ours. they put this show on 3 x weekly.
It was easy to book on line. It includes dinner and was excellent value for money and the Khymer food selection was delicious.
The theatre is beautiful, the oldest in Siem Reap, the performance was excellent and we really enjoyed having a cultural evening.


The show was wonderful! You can see the time and talent that goes into the dances and choreography and musicians on stage. Very lovely! The food itself was delicious, but the meal service was frustrating; lots of confusion over seating, lots of confusion over who ordered what (you order when making your reservation ahead of time), waiting way too long for drinks (like 30-45 minutes after multiple requests/reminders for soft drinks). And the seating area is on the floor with a place to put your legs beneath you, but it's an awkward way to have to sit and turn your torso towards the stage without a chair/seat back for over an hour or more.


Exceptional food, exceptional service, and beautiful performance, within the iconic Apsara Theatre. The Apsara Theatre is a must when visiting Siem Reap, it is a perfect complement to visiting the Angkor temples and reflects the beauty of Khmer architecture. The beautiful theatre and the performance offer a glimpse of Cambodia's rich cultural heritage; dance, food, and historical theatrical story. I spent a formidable evening at the theatre and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a refined Cambodian experience in Siem Reap.


Great place to eat dinner and watch some traditional dancing, Highly recommend it!
Food is good and the dancers are amazing!


Lovely performance . Thoroughly entertained by the performance and the set and the costumes were beautiful.


An amazing show. We enjoyed every minute of it. The show demonstrates you a lot of vienamese history and art and is absolutely worthwhile.


Phare Circus

Location: Intersection, Ring Road south of Sok San Road, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia
Duration: 1 hour (from 20.00 to 21.00)
Best suited for: Siem Reap Tour, Angkor Wat Tour, Cambodia Tour, Vietnam & Cambodia Tour

Why to Add this Show to Itineraries

  • It is the must-see show in Cambodia
  • Spend 1 hour to get immersed in Cambodia top modern cultural performance
  • It is the wonderful way to end a day when exploring Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
  • The outdoor stage owns large capacity suiting even big groups

Highlights of Phare Circus Show

  • Enjoy Siem Reap's most unique, authentic, top-rated evening entertainment.
  • Arrive early for the Cambodian Street Food Festival with Siem Reap's favorite local chefs. Dishes start as low as $1.
  • Pre-show entertainment by Phare Circus and other visiting performing artists
  • Browse the unique, locally produced arts, crafts and souvenirs in Phare Boutique
  • Know that your attendance has helped transform the lives of at-risk Cambodian youth

More than just a circus, Phare performers use theater, music, dance and modern circus arts to tell uniquely Cambodian stories; historical, folk and modern. The young circus artists will astonish you with their energy, emotion, enthusiasm and talent, making Phare Circus the top-rated modern cultural performance in Siem Reap.

Phare Circus is more than a conventional acrobatic circus. The artists create and perform stories based on their own life experiences. Drawing from recent history, folklore and modern society, the artists blend drama, dance, live music and circus arts to share a part of their lives with audiences.

The performers come from unimaginably difficult social and economic background. They discover and develop their skills at Phare Ponleu Selpak non-profit school. They are able to earn a good living and transform their lives at Phare Circus, breaking the cycle of poverty.

By attending a Phare Circus show, you enjoy Siem Reap's best live entertainment, financially support the school and provide opportunities for Cambodian artists.

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Wow! This was a wonderful evening. The performance was entertaining, electric, and fun. I highly recommend taking time to attend a performance during your time in Siem Reap.


Everything about this show is great - the acting, skill of the performers, storyline, and the expressiveness of the performers.


We had a fantastic evening at the Phare circus. The preshow was filled with traditional food and dances and the main show brought noticeable talents to the stage. They made a breathtaking show and all that for a good cause!
We would definitely recommend it if you are in the area!


We loved this so much that we did it 2 out of our 4 nights in Siem Reap! The shows were different each night. The performances were magical and captivating. The artists and acrobats were incredibly talented. And the pre-show food/drinks were tasty!


Excellent one hour evening performance of the Cambodian version of Cirque du Soleil - dramatic stories and adapted to the local context. The performance is done in a theater in the round by students trained by the nonprofit school of the arts called Ponleu Selpak and includes original music performed on classical Cambodian instruments, dance and circus arts.


What a delightful evening. We were going to back out of the evening since we didn't have a good experience at a puppet show in Hanoi but we are so glad that we went. The talent was unbelievable.
English subtitles on the overhead screens were very helpful.


What a spectacular performance! The team is truly impressive. The combination of the live music, art, acrobatics, dancing, acting and comedy were a chef's kiss. It was also very nice to see the pre-performances outside of the circus venue. Would love to attend another show in the future. Definitely would recommend for anyone thinking about it - your money is also going towards a great cause.


The show was incredibly entertaining and funny. I heard good things about it, but It truly was beyond any expectations I had. The facilities etc. Where great too.


It was an amazing show. The act was very entertaining and the performers are so talented. Definitely a must see in Siem Reap.